Katie B Wilson​

Adventures off Snow

Weather conditions can be a whole different deal on the top of a glacier in Europe or a mountain in the US. So depending on wind gusts and visibility, sometimes an off-day is necessary. Off-days are spent exploring cities, go-karting, rock climbing, skateboarding, shopping, or simply nothing but Netflix, foam roll, ice and stretch. 

Early season training begins in the fall with a trip to Europe for a few weeks. My team and I meet up at either Munich or Zurich airport and drive to Austria. The first day is spent only a few hours on snow just to get acclimated and warm up the legs after a travel day. Our day consists of carving drills, start section drills and roller pack training. Free-riding is also very good for fundamentals and helps with edge control and feel. About halfway through the trip we compete in a few Europa Cups to prepare for the upcoming NorAms.  

During the summer months, some athletes will travel to South American, Australia, or New Zealand for races and on-course training. I prefer to use that time for recovery and physical training.

Adventures on Snow